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706/09/2017 08:44:59Well the Store has now been initially coded into FredPlus- using the existing FredPlus tables. A side benefit of this is that the coding the the Clip Sell form - a key element in the CLiC Configuration, uses the same concepts - i.e. storing items in a basket then converting the whole basket to a Sales Order. This page is now coded and ready for testing
626/08/2017 12:45:47Proof of concept Estore developed using NetCore 2 and MVC. Now loaded on a test site for review and consideration. The MVC model is elegant, but the learning curve is steep. When I discussed long term support of the oroginal FredPlus site it was clear that while C# was the "technical best choice" it reduced the number developers prepared to cosider supporting it and increased the support costs. The same issue appears to apply to MVC as things stand at the moment. As a result of this I suspect that the eStore additions for FredPlus will have to be done using Webforms, not least because having two separate coding paradigms on the same site makes for additional complexity The database model initial development has been done for the store, wherever possible using the existing tables in FredPlus. We do not want more tables just for the eStore if it can be avoided
517/08/2017 17:21:54Build 694, just released this afternoon, sees the creation of a new Javascript file (Feedback.js), that I can see being developed in the future. At the moment is simply produces a modal alert box to alert the user to whatever message is given to it to display. As this is a FredPlus widget the title is "Fred Says:" Maybe in future we will see a picture of Fred too, but that is not a key requirement at the moment. The main reason for having it is to replace some of the Feedback messages that have appeared in the lblFeedback control on nearly every page. These are often missed by users so something much more sphisticated and prominent, requuring a user response seemded necessary. any thoughts you might have on this approach would be useful and welcome. If there is an area where you think this kind of approach should be used then post it as an issue/request for enhancement. Similarly if there is a change that should be made to any part of the system to make it easier for you to use we want to hear from you
415/08/2017 15:40:00Build 693 will see the start of XML commenting in the pages Code Behind. Most of the basic XML commenting has been done for the DLLS but some work still remains on the concepts and flows implied and used in the methods. Writing these is trricky, mainly because they are fairly fluid and get improved and re-written - re-writes are less attarctive if a major documentation exercise goes with each one, but there is a balance to be struck here and we will have to see if we can get it right!
314/08/2017 12:42:58Just started developing the Object naming facility in FredPlus. This will enable administrators to rename the key elements of the CRM section to what they use in house. For example if you prefer to rename Organisations you could use Companies instead, or Activities could be Actions. It really depends on what terms are regularly used in your own situation. The alteration will be available in the System section of My-Preferences. NOTE: When apllied this will require additional fields to be added to ACCOUNTS, Failure to do this before applying the update will cause the application to fail. If you wan to add the fields in preparation for this improvement then they are ORGSING,ORGPLURAL,PERSING,PERPLUR,ACTSING,ACTPLUR,PROSING,PROPLUR,OPPSING,OPPPLUR, MEMSING, MEMPLUR,DONSING,DONPLUR - all are nvarchar(50 and NULLs are permitted
211/08/2017 16:24:58Developments at the moment also focus on labelling tools for the Furniture Re-Use sector. This is more challenging than one might expect as label printers use their own drivers and language. Normally this would not be much of an issue but as we are printing "over the web" as it were this creates some problems. Solutions using SSRS all seem to work OK, but they do not routinely update the database. It would be particularly helpful to know when the label was printed (have a look at the PRODUCT_ITEMS table for these fields). A solution will present itself eventually - we hope!
111/08/2017 16:14:55This is the first Blog entry on the system and inevitably find us a long way into the development of FredPlus. Nevertheless its value may still be realised in providing a simple platform for informing users of the changes and developments that are planned. Most noteworthy at this stage is that CLiC (Changing Lives in Cheshire) are planning not only to adopt FredPlus as their key system but to promote the CLiC Configuration to other Furniture Re-Use organisations. We have agreed terms on how this will proceed and testing ofthe CLiC Configuration is underway at the moment