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FredPlus Build History
Build NumberDateChanges
77721/07/2018 00:00:00Return 777 Basic Build for AgeUK Error Trap added to SaleInvoices loading
77611/05/2018 00:00:00776 Issue 360 - Issue reloading Invoice after Save - Fixed Issue 361 You can pick a stock code multiple times during a request fulfilment
77501/05/2018 00:00:00Issue in Master page - AddNew Button navigating to wrong Invoice page - Fixed
77401/05/2018 00:00:00774 Issue 359 Invoice Page Flow - fixed Issue 358 Cannot create new user when address not held in the system - fixed Issue 357 Request delivery duplicated - Fixed
77325/04/2018 00:00:00 Issue 335 - clip/FulfilOrder.aspx - additional error trap added for items not priced Issue 336 Fixed - Good In - Update Price and details button
77222/04/2018 00:00:00Build 772 FredBooks VAT.vb - GetVatCode function added SalesInvoice.vb - ReadTempInvoice,TempInvoiceIDfromSalesOrderID,WriteTempInvoiceHeader,WriteTempInvoiceLine functions added Site Pages admin/admin.aspx functionality added for updating RequestsNominal default clip/FulfilOrder.aspx - reworked and requires full testing
77127/03/2018 00:00:00Site Pages Further development of the clip/FulfilOrder page - I need to know what documents are required at the end if this process controls/JobSettings - autopostback added to controls Issue 351 - Error Message in return process when booking collection - Fixed subject to testing Issue 352 - Inconsistent terminology on the return Book Delivery page
77022/03/2018 00:00:00Build 770 Issue 347 Error when creating return - bug in page fixed - requires full testing Issue 349 Goods in - multiple selections - Source now cleared Issue 350 Discounted price field removed from Goods in
76921/03/2018 00:00:00Build 769 Issue 346 - Adding new supplier - grid now has message to prompt correct process Site Pages New Control - StockItemSelector, required to make sure that the same code is used in the ClipSell and FulfilOrder pages clip/ClipSell - altered to use new control
76820/03/2018 00:00:00Build 768 Issues 344 Saving and Updating an online order - Incorrect handling of Item Discount field - Issues Fixed Site Pages images/quick - new fulfil image clip/FulfilOrder.aspx - started work on writing this pa
76602/03/2018 00:00:00Build 766 Fixed Issue 341 Error when creating "New Return"
76501/03/2018 00:00:00 Build 765 Added Build Table and pages for use on FredPlus Site rather than BDG Site
76401/03/2018 00:00:00Build 764 Corrected box colours for clipmain.aspx Issue 339 - Add new supplier from PO - Fixed Issue 340 - Returns screen re designed for look and feel
76326/02/2018 00:00:00Build 763 Issue 335 - Invoice extra lines incorrectly formatted - fixed
76226/02/2018 00:00:00Build 762 New Page: clip/JobSchedule.aspx - for displaying the JobSchedule only clip/clipsell.aspx- redesign as requested to implement flow management buttons
76126/02/2018 00:00:00Build 761 admin/admin.aspx - new section Users Toolbar to permitt toolbar config by admin users for all users clip/clipmain - redesign as requested
76022/02/2018 00:00:00 Style and appearance changes - stage 1 SQLDATA New Table: ACCOUNTS_DEFAULTS to contain configuration data for the subscription FredCore New Class: AccountDefault for handling Acounts/Subscription default data Site Webmaster/accounts: added View to handle Account Defaults : AddNewInGrid, ShowMenuForAll, DisplayHomeButton, ViewBroadcasts master/fredmaster: code added to react to Defaults settings user/grid: AddNew button added for times when AddNewInGrid is true
75919/02/2018 00:00:00fredMaster.Master - Clear unused basket items on logging out FredCore.User - RemoveOldSecurityID - added code to clear previously orphaned unused Sales Basket items fpr logging in User ClipSell - improved Basket management - Note this means that any visit to the First Stage (Selecting Customer), will clear the basket
75817/02/2018 00:00:00Issue 334 - Purchase order - new supplier? - Fixed
75717/02/2018 00:00:00Issue 330: On a new sale if you leave a payment method blank - error messages made more helpful
75616/02/2018 00:00:00Issue 329: Error message not specific enough - missing Prev Stock ID. Issue fixed - specific error message
75514/02/2018 00:00:00Error trap for incorrect Request Status structure
75412/02/2018 00:00:00User Defined Table creation updated to reflect structural changes previously implemented Fixed issue showing User Defined tables in Webmaster view Updated UserFields.ascx to manage user defined table edits
75306/02/2018 00:00:00User Page Load Logging applied to: Clipmain, ClipMove, ClipReturn, ClipSell, CheckOut, StoreBasket, StoreItem, vatrec, suppbill, salesorder, SalesInvoice, receipt, purchaseorder,payment, journal, invoice, goodin, gift, banktfr, bankrec, prodserv, stockitem
75212/01/2018 00:00:00Issue 321 - When printing Invoices etc from within ClipSell.aspx
75121/12/2017 00:00:00Fixed issue with Purchase Invoices being saved without the Nominal Code being specified Site Pages book/process/suppbill.aspx - now has Feedback control added user/grid.aspx - now has Feedback control
75028/11/2017 00:00:00SearchProducts.ascx - added "Clear" button Issue 318 Fixed - unscheduled collection can the page be reset Issue 319 Fixed - Saving Person error
74927/11/2017 00:00:00Fixed obscure issue with FindAdd.ascx
74827/11/2017 00:00:00Issue 317 Fixed - Error screen appears when searching for item to add to unexpected goods in
74725/11/2017 00:00:00Issue 315 Fixed - Goods in > unexpected drop off > selecting person > process details OK > error SQL function amended Issue 316 Fixed - Viewing single supplier record Site Pages crm/supplier.aspx - revised
74623/11/2017 00:00:00SQL Data new table ACCOUNTS_DEFAULTS new view vw_CustomersAndDonors FredBooks SalesInvoice.vb - New Read Only Property: DeliveryRequired (Boolean), StillToPay(decimal), Received(Decimal), TotalDue(Of Decimal), SalesOrderID(Integer) FredCore Account.vb - new method DefaultTemplate(TemplateLocation) New classes - MyTextWriter, MyLabel, MyLiteral, MyPanel to write HTML Code FredCRM Person.vb - new methods:PurchasesMade, DonationsMade Site Pages book/process/receipt.aspx - added new Feedback dialog to screen Delivery required warning added to page controls/PersonData.ascx - added Extension option -Cust Ref button now redirects to Customer Data user/grid.aspx - modified to accept Customers and Donors Union view - Columns Selection only for Admin users clip/clipsell.aspx - extensive reworking of the flow on this page to reflect requests made - single "Submit" button to replace invoice creation and payment receipt - opening of previously save "Purchase" within this clipsell page for receipt of additional payments and delivery planning - Single Print button prints invoice from created Invoice presented on the page, option to ceeate from template preserved
74518/11/2017 00:00:00Issue 314 Fixed - GoodIn - Items - Can the "search" function be there to begin with? Site Pages clipsell.aspx - Create Invoice and Process Payment buttons removed and replaced by Submit button - Move delivery prevented if there is an outstanding balance
74413/11/2017 00:00:00Issue 309 Fixed - Could not create a group Issue 310 Fixed - Notes not showing on person page Issue 312 Fixed - error when adding to a new group Issue 313 Fixed - Donor data error
74312/11/2017 00:00:00Issue 306 Fixed - Deliveries default to "Time Not Specified Deliveries" even when you specify AM or PM. Issue 305 Fixed - Items and balance stay in basket across invoices. Issue 307 Fixed - Default drop down On viewing people page should be last rather than none selected
74209/11/2017 00:00:00Issue 300 Fixed - When adding items to a collection once one item is added to the list when "item search" is selected the page changes to the diary screen. now correctly reverts to Job Item Summary Issue 302 Fixed - Error when changing quantity of bric-a-brac items Quantity correctly added to grid and totals do not produce an error
74108/11/2017 00:00:00Issue 286 Fixed - Clipboards diary page cannot go back to previous weeks or search for a particular date Modified JobSchedule control to permit regression to one month before "today" Issue 299 Fixed - When adding items to a collection it allows "none selected" to be added FredBear says alert fired if there is nothing selected Issue 301 Fixed - When adding items to a collection the size of the box showing the list of items needs to be larger Modified clipmain.aspx to make lstJobItems 300px square
74021/10/2017 00:00:00Issue 298 - Mobile Login failing - fixed
73920/10/2017 00:00:00Processing Returns added to GoodsIn Built In Reports updated for revised data structure
73811/10/2017 00:00:00Issue 296 - Return > create / process credit - enabling disabling of buttons coded
73711/10/2017 00:00:00New Role Permission added : Books_GiveDiscount- used in ClipSell.aspx Issue 291 - [Select] button set as default and hence respond to Enter key Issue 293 - Fixed with check on double posting
73610/10/2017 00:00:00Site Pages clip/clipmain.aspx - Transfer Job functionality coded
73509/10/2017 00:00:00Added print from Template functionality to SalesInvoice
73408/10/2017 00:00:00Issue 290 error when saving sales invoice - Fixed SQLData - vw_SalesOrders - added SO_STATUS Site Pages book/process/salesinvoice.aspx to replace invoice.aspx user/grid.aspx - amended to call SalesInvoiceaspx rather than invoice.aspx
73304/10/2017 00:00:00Issue 242 - Update collection / delivery button - issue fixed, Clicking on View Job link opens job for detail viewing and edits if required Issue 245 - Printing Multiple Item Labels - new menu item added and report enabled
73204/10/2017 00:00:00SQLData New Record in ACTIVITY_TYPES for Return Add Field to vw_Stock - PRODUCTS.PR_WEIGHT Site Pages clip/clipreturn.aspx - ready for testing
73130/09/2017 00:00:00FPSupport/Ticket.aspx - incorporated action logging and status updates to log
73027/09/2017 00:00:00FredCRM New Class - Issue.vb Site Pages FPSupport/Ticket.aspx - added Activity control and grdIssueHistory plus code to handle them - refactored to use Issue class and SendMail control controls/sendmail.aspx - control for sending emails- mainly used to populate mailto: scripts but also permits logging of data where required
72925/09/2017 00:00:00ClipReturn process - further work Issues 276 and 277 fixed (SQL [stock_JobItemToRecycle], [stock_JobItemToInternal], stock_JobItemToLandfill corrections)
72821/09/2017 00:00:00Issue 282 - Job Schedule visible throughout selling process
72721/09/2017 00:00:00SQL DATA INVOICES_ITEMS - new Field INI_ITEMDISCOUNT money not null default 0 SALESORDERS_ITEMS - new field SOI_ITEMDISCOUNT money null sp [bookinsertCustInvoiceLineItem] modified to accommodate changes [bookinsertSalesOrderLineItem] modified to accommodate changes view - added the new field to View vw_InvoicesWithLineItems, vw_SalesOrdersWithLineItems added all fields from SALESORDERS_ITEMS FredBooks SalesInvoice.vb - update AddComplex to handle the additional field - update Items for additional field data SalesOrders.vb - update AddBasketItemLine, AddBasketBricABracLine, AddBasketProductService, update TotalBasketValue - update BasketItemsTable, BuildBasketItemArray, ConvertBasketItemsToSalesOrder, TableOfItemsForSalesOrder Site Pages controls/LineItem - added new column at end for Discount to be visible only with Invoices adjusted code for DoSums to use ItemDiscount book/process/invoice updated to reflect changes clip/clipsell updated to incorporated requested changes Issues 272, 274, 278 should be fixed
72620/09/2017 00:00:00Issue 275 Fixed - Clicking on VAT return gives error
72519/09/2017 00:00:00Issue 270 - Goods in - No Items- receiving into stock -Error Trap required- Done GoodsIn.aspx - added FeedBack Control Issue 271 - GoodIn - Goods in- wrong item appears after receiving items into stock - Fixed Issue 272 - stock number not recognised i.e. Partial search required - Fixed
72418/09/2017 00:00:00Issue 267 - user permitted to move to Items before formally selecting person. Buttons disabled until their use is "correct" Issue 269 - Added Corrected EmptyBasket code in Page_Load
72318/09/2017 00:00:00Issues 264, 268 Fixed ClipSell.aspx - added test to count PR_CODES like BRIC-A-BRAC - error message if none present and disable Bric-A-Brac option
72216/09/2017 00:00:00Issues 263,264,265,266 - Fixed: SQLData - amend bookinsertCustInvoiceHeader.sql to increment IN_NUMBER within the Stored Proc and make IN_NUMBER an OutPut parameter FredBooks SalesInvoice.vb - updated to remove Invoice Locking Site Clipsell.aspx - Stage1 initialisation - added full spec to control visibility
72115/09/2017 00:00:00Create JobSchedule Control and place it for use in ClipSell and ClipMain
72015/09/2017 00:00:00Issue 720 fixed - please test
71915/09/2017 00:00:00Adjustment to Feedback control to force it to 50% width and centred Creation of DoFeedback sub to be included in all pages requiring this functionality Applied to ClipSell
71814/09/2017 00:00:00Issue 258 - Requests - Default order Items to Delivery - the rest of the screen disabled while shown Site Pages crm/requests - FeedBack box effectively Modal book/process/salesorder.aspx - delivery setting for line 1 cascaded, FeedBack box effectively Modal
71714/09/2017 00:00:00SQLData SALESORDERS - new Field - SO_STATUS smallint null INVOICES - new field - SO_ID int null Site Pages book/process/salesorder.aspx - removed [Convert To Invoice] button book/process.invoice.aspx - added text box for SO_ID and removed processes for preparing Invoice baased on Sales Order clip/FulfilOrder.aspx - added to system
71613/09/2017 00:00:00Requests now have new Error/Feedback control Added Subject contact details checking to Requests when saving a new request
71513/09/2017 00:00:00Issue 247 - Error messages - can they be bigger? - this will take some time but now have a control - FeedBack which appears to be a more promising solution. Added to login.aspx, clipmain.aspx, clipsell.aspx, invoice.aspx, salesorder.aspx Issue 249 - Customer Data missing on Sales Order - should be fixed
71413/09/2017 00:00:00Issue 229 - New Page clip/ClipReturn.aspx initial work only - ready for testing and comments Templates files available for Invoice/Sales Order Issue 241 - Remove Benefit Price - done using Label edit screen in LabelSetup FredCore FredOpenXMLDoc.vb - new method AddTable for Invoice and Order Items FredCRM Document.vb - new methods for handling Invoices and Orders
71312/09/2017 00:00:00Issue 228 - Benefit Price renamed to Discount Price: SQLDATA ACCOUNTS_CLIP - new Field - ACC_DISCOUNT money FredBooks Item.vb - BenefitPrice Property renamed to Discount Price FredCore Clip.vb - additional Property - Discount Site Pages Book/process/goodsin.aspx - references amended Book/stockitem.vb - references amended controls/LabelField.ascx - references amended report/labelsetup.aspx - references amended admin/admin.aspx - Clip options now included discount percent setting
71211/09/2017 00:00:00SQLDATA New Function - [fnSponsorName] vw_PeopleWithOrg - extra field - Sponsor - using the function fnSponsorName Add new control - controls/activity.ascx - initial work on using this to replace redirects Fixed Issues 238 and 239 - please test FredCore Person.vb - amended CheckForDuplicates to use SponsorID (oUser.CustOR_ID)
71107/09/2017 00:00:00Refactor admin/layout.aspx - use of int ID instead of old Guid design Ensure that Userdefined fields are working for People and Organisations
71007/09/2017 00:00:00Refactoring Projects - error trap added to project page_load Issue 237 Fixed - Project Creation
70907/09/2017 00:00:00Refactoring Projects
70806/09/2017 00:00:00Fixed Issue 234 - Sponsor not a Customer Site Pages crm/request.aspx - refactored to use FindAdd.acsx and SearchOrgPeople.ascx master/la.master - redesigned for better use of screen
70705/09/2017 00:00:00Issue 236 - Fixed and error trap added to process for robustness
70605/09/2017 00:00:00Issue 233 - If address is not listed then cannot add new one. - not really a bug. Improved message added to system Issue 235 - fixed issue causing error displaying Customer Pricelists SQLDAta SALESORDERS_ITEMS - new field SOI_ISCAPITAL bit ACCOUNTS_BOOKS - new Fields -ACB_CASHRECNOM int NULL, ACB_CARDRECNOM int null, ACB_DELRECNOM int null Scripts - Feedback.js - added to function numeralsOnly(evt) to force numeric entry in a textbox fredBooks Books.vb - new properties and update methods for Cash and Card receipt nominals Customer.vb - new Property Address - first 3 lines of Inv Add SitePages admin/admin.aspx - added sections to Banking secion for updating delivery,cash and card nominals new control - JobSettings.ascx - used in ClipSell and Clipmain
70501/09/2017 00:00:00Issue 231 - Older version of issue ticket in use? - Fixed Issue 230 - Wrong days on clipboards - Fixed Added ~/clip/ClipSell.aspx as a Sales Point Home Page FredBooks SalesOrder.vb - changes to facilitate Basket Management for ClipSell FredCRM Note.vb - corrected CONTACT to PEOPLE in Add Person.vb - amended DirectionNote to update or add depending in pre existing Direction Note FredSQL DataTools.vb - now handles Address (latitude and Longitude) and Delivery cost calculations Site Pages admin/admin - small addition for managing old SALESORDERS_ITEMS basket entries that have not proceeded clip/ClipSell - further development of this key process page
70430/08/2017 00:00:00Fixed issue 227 - Incomplete data for Invoice Customer Type Updated FredBooks.Product.ItemsforDelivery to exclude items scheduled for Delivery
70330/08/2017 00:00:00SQLdata UserTypes - new type - -1 STORECUSTOMER 0 -1 Update/correction to bookinsertCustomer_Quick Site Pages fredStore.master - added login facility for registered users login.aspx - added trap to UserCredentials to pass StoreBuyer users to store pages Organisationdata.ascx and Persondata.ascx - new properties
70228/08/2017 00:00:00FredCore User.vb - fixed bug in GenerateCartSecurityID Site Pages login.aspx - now has direct entry to Store
70128/08/2017 00:00:00SQLData PRODUCTS_ITEMS - new fields [PRI_SHOWINSTORE] BIT NULL,[PRI_SHOWINSTOREDATE] DateTime NULL, [PRI _SOLDINSTORE] BIT NULL,[PRI_SOLDDATE] DateTime NULL; vw_Stock updated to add these new fields SALESORDERS_ITEMS - new field SEC_ID uniqueidentifier (NULL) vw_SalesOrdersWithLineItems updated to include this field FredBooks Item.vb - Additional properties for new fields. Additional methods for Store alllocation SalesOrder.vb - methods for handling Basket (cart) entries FredCore User.vb - additional method for handling Store visitors ID Site Pages general tidying up of layout, labels and terms in the admin/admin.aspx new page - clip/Store.aspx for listing items available for sale via internet new page - clip/StoreItem.aspx - for showing full detials of Store Item new page - clip/StoreBasket.aspx - for customer review of basket new page - clip/Checkout.aspx - for handling Checkout processes
70024/08/2017 00:00:00Issue 226 Fixed - Request Status Description not showing when updating
69921/08/2017 00:00:00Issue 225 Fixed - Activity Edits and Update
69821/08/2017 00:00:00SQLData - Added PRI_SERIALNO, PRI_MANUF, PRI_MODEL (all nvarchar(50)) to PRODUCTS_ITEMS View - vw_Stock amended to add these fields FredBooks Item.vb - amended to add fields and properties Site Pages book/process/goodin.aspx - extra fields for the above when receiving goods book/stockitem.aspx - extra fields for above
69721/08/2017 00:00:00Testing alternative label printing Log out user added to Webmaster
69618/08/2017 00:00:00Better exception handling in Lineitem.ascx.vb - NominalID Property Bug Fix in Purchaseorder saving - adding the Job New Method - WebWidgets.AlertUser(Page,AlertText) for producing modal popup to user when required Added viewing of Recent pages to Webmaster user view
69517/08/2017 00:00:00controls/ItemLabel.ascx - font weight to bold for all labels Remove App_Code/Emails from system - use FredWeb.Emails class instead. No point in having both Remove App_Code/CustomReportCredentialss from system - currently not required
69417/08/2017 00:00:00Issue 219 Fixed: Link from Purch Invoice to Supplier Record Javascript file TestBrowser.js containing single function TestBrowser used in GoodIn, StockItem And LabelSetup pages to alert user to unsuitability of IE for label printing Javascript file Feedback.js for use across the application for Modal pop-up feedback box
69316/08/2017 00:00:00XML Documentation of admin/admin.aspx, login.aspx ~/Clip/Clipmain.aspx - added Goods In to the menu bar to make it a more universal home page;
69215/08/2017 00:00:00Issue 208 - Adding Opportunity from Org screen fixed (incorrect query string parameter)
69115/08/2017 00:00:00Issue 224 - adding Activity error
69015/08/2017 00:00:00Issue 223 - Add New should be disabled in clipmain.aspx - fixed
68914/08/2017 00:00:00SQLData Add fields to ACCOUNTS: ORGSING,ORGPLUR,PERSING,PERPLUR,ACTSING,ACTPLUR,PROSING,PROPLUR,OPPSING,OPPPLUR, MEMSING, MEMPLUR,DONSING,DONPLUR FredCore Account.vb - handling for Account Specific Object Naming functionality Site Pages admin/admin.aspx - Object Naming section
68812/08/2017 00:00:00Bug fix in LineItem.acsx - failing to update when Vatcode changed Refactor book/process/suppbill.aspx to make use of LineItem.ascx
68711/08/2017 00:00:00SQLDATA New table FRED_BLOG for developers Blog and pages to facilitate its use - primarily aimed at the pages but capable of being used by other developers for their own configurations
68510/08/2017 00:00:00SQLData vw_Jobs - remove filter condition (>= DATEADD(d, - 5, GETDATE())) to list all jobs issue 218 Fixed : Goods In Opening partially complete job
68309/08/2017 00:00:00FredBooks XML Comment revisions Vat.vb - refactor FredClip XML Comment revisions and significant refactoring to make simpler class structure
68208/08/2017 00:00:00FredBooks - further major refactoring Added Donation Class - Donation.vb Moved Invoices_Terms methods from oProcess to oSalesInvoice Created Books.vb to hold and manage key Book Keeping preferences and Flags Created Nominal.vb to manage Nominal Codes and associated processes. Moved relevant methods and properties out of Process.vb Created Receipt.vb, Payment.vb, Transaction.vb, and Ledger.vb to replace the complexities in Process
68106/08/2017 00:00:00SQLDATA ACTIVITIES_JOBS - new Field PO_ID int ACTIVITIES_JOBS_ITEMS - new field - POI_ID int PRODUCTS_TRANSACTION - new field - AJI_ID int Amend stock_GoodsIn to insert this field FredBooks XML comments reviewed FredWeb Barcode.vb removed - replaced and deprecated due to use of Free 3 of 9 font Site Pages ~/images/barcode folder removed
68004/08/2017 00:00:00SQLData LABEL_TEMPLATES - new Field LT_BARCODEID smallint - the label number that contains the data for the barcode - new field LT_TYPE nvarchar(50) the leabel type LabelPrint - new project for development and testing of Label printing techniques and code FredCore Labeldef - considerably extended to handle LabelTypes
67901/08/2017 00:00:00SQLData New Table - LABEL_TEMPLATES ACCOUNTS_CLIP - New Field ACC_DEFSTOCKLABEL int FredCore New Class LabelDef.vb Clip.vb - new method for updating stock label default - new property for StockLabelID Site Pages scripts/printscripts.js - Javascript function for calling Printer (especially Label Printer) admin/admin.aspx - add label set up for administrators report/labelsetup.aspx - refine book/process/goodsin.aspx - now uses new label control and LabelDef class sys/testlabel.aspx - test page for Label Printer setting up
67729/07/2017 00:00:00Site Pages report/labelsetup.aspx - redesign and refine FredStyleSheet.css - contains more formats for labels
67627/07/2017 00:00:00Issue 216 Fixed - unable to enter names after locating address
67526/07/2017 00:00:00FredBooks Product.vb - new method ItemsForDelivery to populate lists of items Invoiced but not Delivered FredClip Job.vb - JobsListbox: added StockID (PRI_ID) to list box data when editing job SitePages clipmain.aspx - Deliveries admin/admin.aspx - bug fixed in Invoice Default Payment Terms
67423/07/2017 00:00:00Site Pages report/labelsetup.aspx - further changes for label set up and testing
67323/07/2017 00:00:00Site Pages book/process/goodsin.aspx - add Label Setup item to Menu new page - report/labelsetup.aspx - for label set up and testing
67122/07/2017 00:00:00book/process/goodsin.aspx.vb - development of better label printing options added Code39 free barcode font to replace using GenCode128Lib New Field CONFIGURL in SYSTEMPARAMETERS tweaks to logo on login and master pages
67020/07/2017 00:00:00SQLDATA SYSTEMPARAMETERS - NewField - CONFIGID - nvarchar(50) Add Configuration Attribution to Login and Master Page
66820/07/2017 00:00:00refactor goodsin.aspx.vb for better label control
66619/07/2017 00:00:00SQLData crmInsertOpportunity - debugged procedure Fixed Issues 207, 208 - Opportunity adding FREDCRM Activities.vb renamed to Activity.vb to better reflect role Opportunity.vb - refactored Refactored crm/opportunities.aspx to make full use of PersonData, FindAdd and OrganisationData controls
66519/07/2017 00:00:00Fixed bug in clip/clipmain.aspx.vb - failing to save ACTIVITIES.PE_ID and PARENT_ID correctly when using the control to create new People records
66418/07/2017 00:00:00FREDCLIP Job.vb- new methods: AllTransactionIDs, LabelsPrinted JobItem.vb - refactoring and fine tuning FREDCRM Activities.vb - correction of parameter call (CreateBy) in Add additional style in FredStyleSheet.css added book/process/GoodsIn.aspx as Home Page choice clip/clipmain.aspx - usability - flow - improved refactor of stock_GoodsIn stored procedure and related function ProductsItemsReceive in JobItem.vb
66317/07/2017 00:00:00Rationalise size of login images to improve loading times user/grid.aspx.vb - DataFormatString property used on grid data depending on data type from LAYOUT_FIELDS SYSTEMPARAMETERS - new field - FIREWALLPORT int master/fredmaster.master.vb -amend cloneURL building to use Firewall port setting if used
66214/07/2017 00:00:00Edits to PRODUCTS_CATEGORIES enabled
66114/07/2017 00:00:00Refine Clone URL generation in fredMaster.master Improve PRODUCTS_CATEGORIES management in /book/prodserv.aspx
66013/07/2017 00:00:00Additional pictures for Fred login Bug fixes for Reporting
65912/07/2017 00:00:00Refactor crm/organisation.aspx to use findaddascx control rather than Refactor Stylesheet for Topboxes /books/process.goodsin.aspx refinements
65806/07/2017 00:00:00Refactor clipmain.aspx to use new findAdd control Add DayView table to clipmain.aspx Add Van Loading Table to clipmain.aspx Updates to FRNType.vb and prodserv.aspx
65706/07/2017 00:00:00Refactor findaddress.aspx to use new findAdd control
65605/07/2017 00:00:00Fixed issue initialising Activity object when creating new activity SQLDATA ACTIVITIES_JOBS - new Field AJO_ISGIFTAID bit SitePages crm/organisation - refactor to make use of OrganisationData Control crm/people - refactor to make use of PersonData Control FREDCLIP Job.vb additional properties and handling GiftAid field FREDCRM Organisation.vb, Person.vb - additional properties
65501/07/2017 00:00:00Issues 201,202,203,204 Fixed SQLData SQL.vb - new Methods: LogSystemSetupComplete(), LogRemoveSystemSetupComplete() Site Pages webmaster\webmastermain.aspx - tool for applying and removing Setup Complete Flag crm/organisation.aspx, people.aspx: Menu appearance harmonised with Clipmain.aspx
65429/06/2017 00:00:00FredBooks Product.vb updated to handle restructure FredCRM Renamed People.vb to Person.vb Refactor Organisation.vb and ThisOrg.vb into single class Organisation.vb Site Pages New Web Controls - PersonData.ascx, OrganisationData.ascx clip/clipmain.aspx - replace JobTarget person fields with PersonData control and/or OrganisationData control clip/settings/clipoffices - added extra route to grid view after saving/updating clip/settings/clipcrews - added extra route to grid view after saving/updating clip/settings/clipareas - added extra route to grid view after saving/updating
65317/06/2017 00:00:00FredCore Amended User.vb to remove Account object functions. Amended Account.vb to handle all relevant functions Added new class Clip.vb for core Clip Property management Site Pages Updated to accommodate the Account, Clip and User changes
65217/06/2017 00:00:00revamp database to replace volatile table Primary Keys with int instead of Guid
65114/06/2017 00:00:00New User Control folder ~/controls relocated FredCalendar.ascx to this folder and updated all references in pages (26) relocated GridColumnSelector.ascx to this folder and updated all references in pages (3) relocated lineitem.ascx to this folder and updated all references in pages (3) relocated filterline.ascx to this folder and updated all references in pages (1) relocated filterquery.ascx to this folder and updated all references in pages (1) relocated SearchOrgPeople.ascx to this folder and updated all references in pages (8) relocated UserFields.ascx to this folder and updated all references in pages (5) relocated FredWebRepViewer.ascx to this folder and updated all references in pages (4)
64913/06/2017 00:00:00New User Control - FredCalendar Site Pages - replaced DatePicker Control with FredCalendar in clip/clipmain, Layout.vb(Raw Calendar control used instead), admin/admin.aspx book/acct/audittrail.aspx, profloss.aspx, trailbalance.aspx book/process/bankrec.aspx, gift.aspx, goodsin.aspx, invoice.aspx, journal.aspx, order.aspx, payment.aspx, purchaseorder.aspx receipt.aspx, salesorder.aspx, suppbill.aspx, vatrec.aspx, prodserv.aspx clip/clipjob.aspx, clipmove.aspx, clipmain.aspx crm/activities.aspx, customer.aspx, emerge.aspx, opportunities.aspx, organisation.aspx, people.ascx, project.aspx UserFields.ascx, supplier.aspx, reportview.aspx, webmastermain.aspx
64813/06/2017 00:00:00Fixed - Issue with PO lines 5 onwards not being editable Fixed - Issue 191 - Changing supplier on PO from a supplier back to --None Selected-- brings up error message. Coded exception handling Fixed - Issue 192 - clipmain.aspx redesigned
64713/06/2017 00:00:00Site Pages clip/clipmain.aspx - total redesign to incorporate clipjob functions login.aspx - bug fixed for Office Selection
64609/06/2017 00:00:00Removed FredBRE and all related references Add fpsupport/ticket.aspx for main site using asynchronous emailing
64508/06/2017 00:00:00SQLData Change table PURCHASE_ORDERS to add fields for authorisation Add fnPOStatus Alter vw_POHeaders,vw_POWithLineItems new Stored Procedure [stock_JobItemToInternal]; alter [bookinsertPurchaseOrderHeader] FredBooks PurchaseOrder.vb - alter references to PO_DELIVERED to PO_STATUS - add Enum POStatus - Add Property Status FredCore User.vb - refactor to remove unwanted methods FredClip JobItem.vb - extra methods to allow posting to Asset and Consumable Site Pages book/process/goodsin.aspx - altered to accommodate Goods In for internal use when a PO Delivery Definition of ProductDestinationType Enum
64406/06/2017 00:00:00Site Pages admin/roles.aspx - improvement in usability book/prodserv.aspx - simplification book/process/purchaseorder.aspx - code verification SQLData SQL.vb - change output type of GetTableArray to string(,)
64305/06/2017 00:00:00 Tables - new ACCOUNTS_ROLES, ACCOUNTS_ROLES_PERMISSIONS, USERS_ROLES FredBooks Item.vb - refactor add more properties to Class FredCore New Classes: AccountRole with Role management methods User.vb - Role Management methods: PermissionData(PermissionName As String) As String(,) - PermissionLevel(PermissionName As String) As Short,UserRoles() As DataTable Site Pages books/process/lineitem.aspx - refactor Item object - add Location Drop and methodology to change it admin/admin.aspx.vb - add roles and persmission to TreeView - redirect to new roles page admin/roles.aspx - new page for managing Roles and Permissions books/process/journal.aspx - panel containing page controls to facilitate permission management for this page
64202/06/2017 00:00:00SQLData New Table Function [fnSimilarProductCode] New Column (FRNTYPEID int allow null) in PRODUCTS Remove FRNTYPES_PRODUCTS as superfluous as we are now using unique PR_CODE per ACCOUNT_CODE Update vw_ProdServ to add FRNTYPES where relevant (left outer join) Update [bookinsertProduct] bookUpdateProduct and to handle field change FredBooks Product.vb - new methods for matching similar Product Codes and testing Product Code unique - update methods to use new field FredClip clsFredClip - all references to FRNTYPES_PRODUCTS expunged Site Pages book/prodserv.aspx - checking of uniqueness of PR_CODE before saving with listing of similar codes for review admin/admin.aspx - FRN mapping unnecessary so removed book/goodsin.aspx - refinement of Unexpected Goods processes. Update to accommodate table refactoring
64131/05/2017 00:00:00Addition of ticket handling for Core site only( Alteration of Issues button in all derived sites to point to new ticket site
64031/05/2017 00:00:00ssue 175 - Calendar not displaying activities in correct time slot. Result of Activity Update not saving Time with date Issue 176 - MyToDo will not open - result of Grid Max and GridPage settings at zero, Error trap and warning to User added Issue 179 - Error message required for invalid price - added Error trap and warning to User Issue 180 - Invoiced Items showing as in Stock incorrectly. Fixed by correcting Stored Procedure Issue 182 - MyToDo list added as Home page option SQLData Stored Procedure: [stock_ResaleItemSold] updated to correctly log PRT_ID_OUT data when goods sold FredCore Admin.vb - order of items in Menu List for Toolbox altered to alphabetical Activities.vb - UpdateCore - proper saving of times with dates FredSQL SQL.vb - Refinement of GetTableArry to return full date and time string from DateTime
63930/05/2017 00:00:00 New Views - vw_LandfillSites,vw_RecyclingSites FredSQL Methods in DataTools.vb to reterive Guids from ACTIVITY_TYPES Site Pages crm/organisations.aspx - site as Recycler/Landfill crm/project.aspx - Adding User Name to Activities list clip/clipmain.aspx - menu items for Recycling and Landfill events clip/clipmove.aspx - handling recycling and landfill
63829/05/2017 00:00:00Refactoring Project.vb
63729/05/2017 00:00:00Issue 171 Fixed - Saving Project
63426/05/2017 00:00:00SQL Data New Tables: ACTIVITIES_JOBS, ACTIVITIES_JOBS_ITEMS, LANDFILL, LANDFILL_SITE, LANDFILL_ITEMS, RECYCLE, RECYCLE_SITE, RECYCLE_ITEMS Updated/Modified Tables CUSTOMERS_REQUESTS, CUSTOMERS_REQUESTS_LOG, PRODUCTS_TRANSACTION View vw_Jobs, vw_JobItems, vw_JobSheet, vw_StockMovement, vw_Requests, vw_Activities updated New Views vw_RecycledItems, vw_LandfillItems Stored Procedures stock_ProductsTransaction updated. New - [stock_JobItemToRecycle], [stock_JobItemToLandfill] Function [fnJobSlot], [fnLastJobSourceType], [fnCrewSlotWeight] updated FredBooks Modified Item.vb, ItemTransaction.vb, PuchaseOrder.vb FredClip New classes Job.vb, FrnType.vb, JobItem.vb New methods in JobItem to handle posting to Stock, Recycling and Landfill clsFredCLIP updated FredCRM Activities.vb, Request.vb, ThisOrg.vb updated Reports JobSheet.rdlc updated Site Pages clip/Clipmain, clip/cipjob, book/process/goodsin, book/process/purchaseorder updated
63320/05/2017 00:00:00Issue 168 - Fixed error messages for FindAddress Updated LAYOUT_TABLES contents Site Pages: user/grid - corrected bug in Stock selection to handle null values
63219/05/2017 00:00:00Site Pages clip/clipjob - Error trap added for empty JobCity field book/goodsin - minor bugs FredClip clsFredClip - Selection of Jobs bug fixed
63119/05/2017 00:00:00SQLData Amended fnVerifyUserCredentials to accommodate multiple subscriptions for same username Amended vw_UserAccount to show all ACCOUNTS even if ACCOUNTS_BOOKS record is missing FredSQL DataTools.vb - UserSubscriptionCount added FredCore User.vb - UserSubscriptions to populate Dropdown Site Pages login.aspx - added panel to select subscription for multi subscription users mlogin.aspx - tweaked to permit multi sub user login on main pages - not available for mobile users at the moment
63021/04/2017 00:00:00Issue 166 - Validation check added to form Issue 167 - response to [View] button corrected - also listing responds to Show Completed requirement
62907/04/2017 00:00:00SQLDAta new function -[fnVerifyUserCredentials] to check user credentials and return true or false Improved security in Login page - use of parameterised SQL Function to remove possibility of SQL Injection attacks
62706/04/2017 00:00:00Addition of StockDetailsDump report
62604/04/2017 00:00:00Site Pages report/reportview.aspx - code behind altered to provide record count for report Upgrade to SQL Server2016 ReportViewer
62531/03/2017 00:00:00FredBooks Product.vb - Public Method Dropdown now has additional paramter ShowDiscontinuedItems - set to false in all calls at the moment Site Pages user/grid.aspx - code behind altered to provide Show and Hide Discontinued Items for the Products list type
62431/03/2017 00:00:00Set use of Enter key on Login page to trigger Login button FredCRM People.vb - Fixed bug causing incorrect Last Job Source Type returns Site Pages clip/clipjob.aspx - re-design for easier use and logged bugs 159,160, 163, 164, 165 addressed
62330/03/2017 00:00:00Fixed bug 156 - duplicate calls to the same page causing error resolving the Secirity ID
62230/03/2017 00:00:00Site Pages Fixed a bug in user/grid.aspx that prevented viewing of groups (listtype=group) Fixed bug 155 - Proper (simple) formatting of emails preserved Added the ability to store email-signature file for emerge emails
62029/03/2017 00:00:00SQLDATA 2 new StoredProcedures for handling Purchase Orders:[bookinsertPurchaseOrderLineItem] and [bookinsertPurchaseOrderHeader] Site Pages book/process/goodsin.aspx - complete re-write to manage process for users FredBooks PurchaseOrder.vb - new class for POs
61821/03/2017 00:00:00 Fixed Issue 151 - space added to improve readability crm/emerge.aspx - sending an email to a group or filter
61721/03/2017 00:00:00Fixed Issue 148 - ToDo list no longer lists items with empty User Group Fixed issue 150 - managing Returns - alteration to book/process/goodsin.aspx SQLData PRODUCTS_ITEMS - additional field PRI_PREV_ID int for Previous Item ID enabling return Item tracking [[dbo].[stock_GoodsIn] amended to accommodate Previous ID data
61616/03/2017 00:00:00Site Pages Issue with viewing Calendar view - Fixed
61505/03/2017 00:00:00Site Pages Issue 146, 147
61404/03/2017 00:00:00Site Pages Issue 145 Fixed FredRepEng FredWebReport.vb - improved error tracking in WriteSectionDetail()
61304/03/2017 00:00:00Site Pages Issue 144 webmaster/repdesign.aspx - added page to create reports in Native Designer
61228/02/2017 00:00:00Site Pages SearchOrgPeople.ascx - altered to hold SecID; now correctly calls new people, org etc. book/acct/profloss.aspx - new page for handling simple Profit and Loss Reporting, with Printing webmaster/menu.aspx - fixed bug that prevented saving new menu items FredBooks Process.vb - methods for producing nominal tables with transaction totals over defined period
61123/02/2017 00:00:00Correction of SQL in Grid.vb that caused Lists_Fields_Defaults import to fail on some systems
61022/02/2017 00:00:00Site Pages webmaster\lists - modified to show number of fields defined for each list GridColumnSelector - now supports emptying the field definitions and importing the default fields for each list login.aspx - context sensitive help added Help page for Invoices added - accessed as with all hep by clicking on the Fred image near top right of page
60921/02/2017 00:00:00Site Pages fredmaster.master.vb - code added to attribute of Fred Image to provide context sensitive help screens by calling dedicated page on
60816/02/2017 00:00:00SQLData Tables - correction of Field names in CUSTOMERS FredBooks Customer.vb - new sub CreditStatusDrop, UpdateCore method Site Pages crm/customer.aspx - added Credit Status drop with capacity to alter it. Page redesigned to use UserFields control and Views
60715/02/2017 00:00:00Issue 141 - Fixed - Username correctly displays and Office panel build is corrected
60615/02/2017 00:00:00SQLData Tables - CUSTOMERS - add Column CU_CREDITSTATUS nvarchar(20) NULL Procedures - [stock_ResaleItemSold] modified to relocate invoiced items to Delivery Bay FredBook Product.vb - new method for populating dropdown with Sold but not Delivered product items FredCLIP clsFredCLIP - amended stock movement method to marke DELIVERD items correctly as NOT in stock (done by loading PRT_ID for the delivery transaction into PRI_OUT_ID) Site Pages clip/clipjob - delivery process refined to manage Stock Movement Trails clip/clipmove - added functionality to use this form for customer collections book/process/receipt - added Customer Collection button book/process/invoice - added button to Go to Receipts
60513/02/2017 00:00:00Error 140 - Show Saturday error
60413/02/2017 00:00:00SQLData Primary Keys added to DELIVERY_COST, PRODUCTS_PRICE_LIST, PRICE_LISTS, USER_GROUPS, USER_GROUPS_MEMBERS - all using existing Identity fields Binaries: referenced dotNet Framework 4.6.2 Site Pages clip/clipmain - error trap added for incompletely configured sites
60310/02/2017 00:00:00clip/clipjob - delivery process - Resale Items handled
60207/02/2017 00:00:00Site Pages crm/activities.aspx - complete re-design to match Organisations and people approach - i.e. more use of Multiview etc. admin/layout.aspx - properly aware of User defined field definitions
60107/02/2017 00:00:00crm/activities.aspx - menu improved
60004/02/2017 00:00:00Fixed Issue 136 - Options and QuickBox error
59903/02/2017 00:00:00SitePages book/process/payment.aspx.vb - error traps added to Page_Load Fixed issue 135 referring to payment loading
59802/02/2017 00:00:00FredCRM People.vb - assimilated all of Thisperson.vb for simplification and speed SitePages crm/people.aspx - Fixed update issue crm/organisation.aspx - Fixed drp down lit of Contacts issue
59201/02/2017 00:00:00 Site Pages book/process/invoice.aspx - further development of process clip/cipjob.aspx - fix issues with edits to jobs
59129/01/2017 00:00:00Site Pages user/grid.aspx.vb - errortrapping added for incorrect listtype admin/admin.aspx.vb - error trapping added in GetSettings book/process/invoice.aspx - preliminary modification to introduce user friendly progress management and improved experience
59026/01/2017 00:00:00Site Pages clip/clipjob.aspx - complete re-work of process and layout for better user experience crm/SearchOrgPeople.ascx - refinement and simplification user/grid.aspx - made Filter List function date aware
58719/01/2017 00:00:00Issue 123 - Duplicate Requests fixed by altering crmInsertCustRequest to ignore requetst for same peron, user etc with 10 minutes
58516/01/2017 00:00:00Issue 122 Fixed - Alignment of Column headings in Sales Order
58312/01/2017 00:00:00Unable to access User data from webmastermain - fixed
58212/01/2017 00:00:00Webmaster section now uses Session State stored SECID
58111/01/2017 00:00:00SitePages book/stockitem amended to handle Batch movement of items, including Disposal report/stocklist.rdlc added - parameter controlled Stock List Report. At the moment only Location And Instock status are shown. Please advise on additional parameters SQLData stock_ProductsTransaction amended to properly log Outgoing items and remove them from stock FredCRM Item.vb added BuildCheckBoxListInLocation, RelocateBatchItem for use within stockitem page
58010/01/2017 00:00:00SitePages book/process/invoice - added button - btnSkipSearch for Invoicing from Customer ID new page - errortester.aspx for testing error protocols
57909/01/2017 00:00:00SitePages book/process/invoice - alter flow logic to start with search for People/Org crm/SearchOrgPeople.ascx - improve messaging to users
57809/01/2017 00:00:00App_Code New Classes ExceptionUtility.vb and Emails.vb so that Error Logging can be improved App_Data = new Folder ErrorLog.txt - empty text file SitePages new pages: DefaultRedirectErrorPage, GenericErrorPage, Http404ErrorPage, httperrorpage
57708/01/2017 00:00:00SitePages crm/organisation, crm/people - menu awareness of whether there are extension fields defined
57606/01/2017 00:00:00crm/UserFields.ascx - improved code for Updates of tables
57504/01/2017 00:00:00Site Pages - crm/organisation - UserControl for User defined fields crm/request -improvements to flow of logic when adding a new customer
57303/01/2017 00:00:00Issue 119 Fixed
57203/01/2017 00:00:00Issue 116- Fixed - button not visible for Requests
57103/01/2017 00:00:00Issue 115 Fixed - extra blank line when amending SalesOrders Issue 114 Fixed - lblSO_ID correctly updated when adding a new order thus enabling subsequent edits to the order Request Priority displayed on screen when looking at saved Requests
57002/01/2017 00:00:00Site Pages: crm/organisation.aspx - redrafting to increase speed of rendering
56902/01/2017 00:00:00Fixed Issue with NOT_ID reading
56802/01/2017 00:00:00FredSQL New DLL to make code maintenance more efficient - SQL.vb the core SQL access and data processing class - DataTools.vb - data manipulation and general purpose class SitePages - no changes to the HTML but all back-end code amended to assimilate the new classes crm/organisation - bug fixed that prevented display of Primary Contact data
56728/12/2016 00:00:00Fixed Issue 113- selecting item from drop down in SalesOrder Fixed SalesOrder - Guest User display options corrected
56521/12/2016 00:00:00SQLData INVOICES_ITEMS added fields INI_FRNDESC nvarchar(50) null,INI_DELIVER (bit) not null, default 0(false), INI_RESALE (bit) not null default 0 [bookinsertCustInvoiceLineItem] - modified to handle INI_DELIVER and INI_FRNDESC vw_InvoicesWithLineItems added INI_DELIVER and INI_FRNDESC vw_Stock modified filter (adding WHERE (dbo.fnProdInStock(dbo.PRODUCTS_ITEMS.PRI_ID) = 1) OR (ProdOut.PRT_DATE > DATEADD(d, - 30, GETDATE())) to speed up page rendering [stock_ResaleItemSold] Corrected errors Site Pages user/grid.aspx Altered text appearing on Stock list chkShowCompleted.Text = "Show Items Sold in last 30 days" book/process/lineitem.ascx new property DeliveryRequired (boolean) added - seen by user as Check Box labelled Delivery FredBooks SalesInvoice.vb Updated to handle new fields Stock Management added to (Invoice)AddComplex
56419/12/2016 00:00:00SQLData ACCOUNTS_CLIP added new field:[ACC_USEOLDDONID] [bit] PRODUCTS_ITEMS added new field: PRI_OLDID int vw_Stock altered to include PRI_OLDID as OldID vw_Jobs altered to show only jobs from 5 days ago forward, to improve speed Site Pages admin/admin.aspx - added handling for setting Use Old DonatedItem ID FredBook Product.vb Added sensitivity to ACCOUNTS_CLIP.ACC_USEOLDDONID when the Resale item is checked- the drop down in OldID order removing the need to lookup the link between the old and new IDs
56318/12/2016 00:00:00Fix for report views not working in Google Chrome. Changes to report view width, height and SizeToContent
56218/12/2016 00:00:00report/reportviewer - reworking to make page fully adaptable to additional reports as they become available
55814/12/2016 00:00:00Tweaks to crm\findaddress
55614/12/2016 00:00:00 Sitepages Altered all references to to
55512/12/2016 00:00:00Sitepages admin/admin.aspx - changed to provide explanations on Max and Min mileages for deliveriy calculations crm/findaddress.aspx - added handling of costs to produce suitable message if outside usual delivery area
55410/12/2016 00:00:00SQLData SYSTEM_PARAMETERS - new Field PUBLICACCOUNT nvarchar(50) CLIP_OFFICES - new fields COF_LATITUDE and COF_LONGITUDE nvarchar(50) DELIVERY_COST table for storing Delivery charges agains mileage SitePages: master/publicmaster.master - new master page for public access pages phome.aspx - public home page crm/findaddress.aspx - altered to provide Delivery Cost App_Code clsWebWidgets - new Function HaversineDistance for delivery costs
55329/11/2016 00:00:00Issue 111 - Fixed - Resale checkbox disabled for GuestOrder SitePages: book/process/salesorder.aspx - fixed layout issue with lineitem column headers - Resale now smaller to fit sys/setup.aspx - removed - setup handled now using setup program FP1Setup.exe
54009/11/2016 00:00:00Issue 94 - grid formatting for the Request List Issue 87 - Request Layout altered to re-position Notes Logging buttons etc. Issue 90 - Reset button error fixed
53809/11/2016 00:00:00Fixed Issue 83 - Price List updates now correctly save Description Fixed Issue 84 - drpVAT population error Fixed Issue 85 - SalesOrder line 3 updates line 1 - now corrected Fixed Issue 88 fully - only non guest users displayed Fixed Issue 89 - drpVAT population error
53509/11/2016 00:00:00Issue 77 Fixed- status no longer incorrectly set to closed when adding a Note Issue 78 Fixed - Enter key on this page (user/grid.aspx) always calls Search Button Issue 80 Fixed - Guest Users cannot select Price List in SalesOrder form Issue 81 Fixed - Guest users unable to alter Description fields, Income Nominal or VAT. Vat set to 0 Issue 82 Fixed - Narrative saves and displays Issue 84 - not now applicable?? Issue 86 - not now applicable?? Issue 87 - redesign to place Request history below hidden Note section and new button for adding a note to reveal section Issue 88 - Guest users unable to alter Owner
52806/10/2016 00:00:00Alterations to links to point to relocated Issues and Builds data
52605/10/2016 00:00:00SQLData USERS - added PE_ID for link to People table with Guest login PEOPLE - Added PE_SPONSOR (uniqueidentifier) for Sponsor flag on Customer Records SitePages master/lamaster.aspx - added Issues, My Settings and Price List buttons admin/admin/aspx.vb - access to Password change for guest users crm/pricelist.aspx - empty page added pending coding in later build webmaster/useradd.aspx - added drop down for Guest People ID (PE_ID) book/process/salesorder - showing headings and values with Estimate for guest users - hyperlink for CUR_ID allowing return to Request if applicable FredCore WebM.vb - updated UserUpdate to handle new PE_ID field User.vb - updated to handle USERS.PE_ID as Property User.PE_ID
52530/09/2016 00:00:00SitePages crm/reqlist.aspx.vb - error trap added for missing or incorrect USERS.CUST_OR_ID webmaster\useradd.aspx.vb - corrected error that stopped saving Cust_OR_ID
52422/09/2016 00:00:00 salesorder - altered to be aware of User Type, hiding inappropriate data for Guest users
52321/09/2016 00:00:00Fixed Issue 75 - parsing of New Customer data Issue in Customers.aspx.vb when -No Nominals alert- thrown falsely
52220/09/2016 00:00:00SQLDATA Tables - added SALESORDERS, SALESORDERS_ITEMS, PRICE_LISTS, PRODUCTS_PRICE_LIST - Altered - CUSTOMERS - PL_ID added for default Price List Views - added vw_PriceList, vw_SalesOrderWithLineItems, vw_SalesOrders Stored Procedures - added bookinsertSalesOrderHeader, bookinsertSalesOrderLineItem -updates [bookupdateCustomer] to handle PL_ID (PriceListID) FredBook SalesOrder.vb - class for handling Orders from Customers Customer.vb - added PriceListID property (integer) returning CUSTOMERS.PL_ID. Altered Update function to handle PriceListID FredCLIP clsFredClip.vb - new function PriceListsTable FredCRM request.vb - added property SalesOrderID (integer) and code to rtrieve its value or return 0 if there is no Order, if more than one only the most recent returned SitePages admin/admin.aspx - added new section Price Lists for Price List Management crm/request.aspx - added link to enable Online Order placement or to view existing Sales Order crm/customer.aspx - added handling for Price List book/process/salesorder.aspx - new page to handle Sales Orders user/grid.aspx modified to handle lists of Sales Orders
52124/08/2016 00:00:00 FredBooks: - further steps to rationalise and refactor FredBooks FredBook.vb removed and methods refactored into Process.vb, Vat.vb etc. Rename Invoice.vb to SalesInvoice.vb for clarity. Invoice methods relocated from FredBook.vb to SalesInvoice.vb New classes PurchInvoice.vb, Supplier.vb, Customer.vb,Process.vb,VAT.vb, Product.vb SitePages admin/admin.aspx.vb - uses new classes book/process/main.aspx.vb - uses new classes book/process/payment.aspx.vb- uses new classes book/process/suppbill.aspx.vb - uses new classes book/process/receipt.aspx - uses new classes book/process/invoice.aspx- uses new classes crm/people.aspx - uses new classes crm/organisation.aspx - uses new classes book/process/order.aspx - uses new classes book/process/request.aspx - uses new classes book/process/vatrec.aspx - uses new classes book/prodserv.aspx - uses new classes book/acct/vatrate.aspx - uses new classes
51919/08/2016 00:00:00SQLData CUSTOMERS_REQUESTS - new field CUR_PRIORITY Altered vw_Request to show dates in string format without Time, added CUR_PRIORITY dbo.crmInsertCustRequest.StoredProcedure.sql modified to handle new field FredCRM Notes.vb - new methods: CannedResponseDrop - list of canned Responses CannedResponseTable - Datatable of Canned Responses CannedResponseAdd Canned ResponseUpdate CannedResponseDelete Request.vb - new method DocsTable to return Doc details for Request Attachments - Add Function updated for new field - Priority property added with UpdatePriority method People.aspx - error trap added to BuildGridData function to eleminate issues with empty string when adding new records Site Pages crm/request.aspx.vb - Added grdDocs for viewing/downloading docs attached to a request - Add Customer Address data when available - i.e. after the Customer has been created and/or attached - Priority Drop Down added - Removed Update button and set page to update data automatically when drops for Status, Priority and Owner altered user/grid.aspx - added panel for data on Requests owned by user in "mytodo" mode user/grid.aspx.vb - code to display count of Owned and open Requests and display list in "mytodo" mode
51811/08/2016 00:00:00 Fixed: FredWeb:clsWebWidgets Added 00:00 to drop down for times crm/activities.aspx.vb - sensitive to Job Activity Drop when editing a Job crm/people.aspx Added ACT_COMPLETE field to Activities List crm/organisation.aspx Added ACT_COMPLETE field to Activities List SitePages crm/activities, people and Organisations Default Tab now reponds to setting admin/admin.aspv - My Preferences - My Settings - Default Tabs can now be set for Activities, People and Organisations FredCore: User.vb - UpdateTab methos for setting Default tabs in USERS table FredCRM organisation.vb and people.vb - changed method for TAb data to include ACT_COMPLETE FredWeb clsWebWidgets.vb - new method for populating tab seleection drop down
51710/08/2016 00:00:00Fixed: Bugs in crm\activities.aspx.vb causing Activity Drop to display incorrectly and preventing Updates to Activity Records Minor bugs in Rule Engine Management code in admin/admin.aspx.vb
51610/08/2016 00:00:00Issues Fixed: 74 - Saving New Activity error when activity not part of a Request FredBRE New Function BRE_RunIssueRules to run Rules from Issues pages Updates to ParseEmail to handle #FRI_ID# macro in Email Body and Subject Site Pages admin/issue.aspx - BRE awareness added admin/admin.aspx - moved BRE TargetTable list from page to using RULES table
51509/08/2016 00:00:00SQLData Views: vw_Requests modified to add LogCount - the caount of Log Items for a given request Site Pages admin/issue.aspx.vb - added primitive email send to admin on saving ticket
51408/08/2016 00:00:00SitePages admin/issue.aspx amended for public Issue recording master/fredpublic.master added
51306/08/2016 00:00:00SitePages admin/issue.aspx added for Issue recording
51203/08/2016 00:00:00 SQLData vw_RequestLog created for managing Requests viewing FredCRM Request.vb:RequestLogTable function for populating Repeating layout on Requests.aspx SitePages webmaster/webmastermain - added Purge Logs capability crm/request.aspx redesigned to apply requested format
51120/07/2016 00:00:00FredCore User.vb - additional method AccountEmailUpdate FredWeb clsEmails - SendHTMLEmail modified for Gmail SitePages admin/admin.aspx - extra section for administrators for managing and testing Email connections
51020/07/2016 00:00:00All DLLs rebuilt to dotNet 4.5 SitePages ~/builds.* removed from the Project and added to Fred_Plus Site instead
50916/07/2016 00:00:00SQLData Correction to crmInsertCustRequest SitePages crm/request.aspx - correction to file Upload process
50816/07/2016 00:00:00FredCRM Request.vb - new method NextFileNumber Sitepages crm/request.aspx.vb - New request has visibility row hidden; uploaded filenaming improved webmaster/useradd.aspx - improvements to layout and useability
50715/07/2016 00:00:00FredCRM Request.vb added handling for CRL_TYPE= INTERNAL SitePages crm/requests.aspx - added Intenal and Notify checkboxes with code behined to handle then crm/reqlist.aspx.vb - coded for Open and Closed tickets crm/lahome.aspx - update for master linkage
50514/07/2016 00:00:00SQLData: ACTIVITIES_DELIVERIES_ITEMS - added AD_CLIP [int] to handle management of imports from Clipboards CUSTOMERS_REQUESTS - added fields for Ownership and "next action" ACTIVITIES - new field - CUR_ID [int] for Request links [crminsertActivity] updated to handle additional field and update to CUSTOMERS_REQUESTS record Updated vw_Requests to improve list data New Stored Procedure - crmUpdateRequestOwner FredBRE BRE.vb parameter added for compatibility FredCore User.vb - add new Function DocFileType for Path extensions on downloaded files FredCRM Activities.vb - Add function amened to handle CUR_ID Request.vb extended to handle Next Action data SitePages crm/request.aspx.vb added code for downloading attachments; added handling for Request Ownership crm/activities.aspx added label for Request ID crm/activities.aspx.vb added handling for Request ID
50412/07/2016 00:00:00SQLData: CUSTOMERS_REQUESTS_STATUS - new table to allow different Status values for each subscription [crmInsertCustRequest] updated to accommodate value from CUSTOMERS_REQUESTS_STATUS table [crmUpdateCustRequestStatus] for updates to Request Status vw_Requests for viewing Request lists FredBooks CustomerQuick_Add now tests for exiting and returns that value instead of adding new Cust Record if it exists FredCRM: Request.vb - extension of class to provide more complete data SitePages: admin/admin.aspx.vb - bug fixes around Rule Actions and Conditions; Section Added for managing Request Status values crm/request.aspx - made aware of UserLevel and altering Master Page accordingly crm/SearchOrgPeople.ascx - added code for btnNew user/grid.aspx.vb - add handling for requests lists
50307/07/2016 00:00:00SQL Data: StoredProcedure - systemInsertRule FredBRE: Parameter.vb - returns code for text type BRE - added text type to Parameter types; improved rule configuration and rule execution. HTML email messaging. Condition.vb - new class for managing Rule Tests FredCRM: Request.vb - refinement for Request Notes Site Pages: admin/admin.aspx.vb - modified Rule Parameter management
50205/07/2016 00:00:00SQLData CUSTOMERS_REQUESTS; CUSTOMERS_REQUESTS_LOG - new tables USERS - new Field - CUST_OR_ID to manage Guest Logins FredCore User.vb - new Properties for Guest Login Data FredCRM Request.vb - new class for handling Customer Requests SitePages: master/la.master - new master page for Local Authority request management crm/lahome.aspx - new page -home page for LA guests crm/request.aspx - new page for Local Authority request Management crm/reqlist.aspx - new page to show list of requests crm/reqdet.aspx - new page to show request details and actions
50014/06/2016 00:00:00FREDCore: WebM.vb: Commenting Import.vb: New Class to simplify User.vb. Import class refactored to simplify and speed calls SitePges /admin/import.aspx.vb - removed some variables and used existing Control properties to simplify code - added handling of Organisation imports
49909/06/2016 00:00:00Fix for Issue 71 - error traps for missing FRED_DROP values
49809/06/2016 00:00:00 FredBook: Item.vb - Fix bug in InMethod and ProductCategory properties Site Pages: book/stockitem.aspx - Alter Price boxes back colour when editing for easier use
49709/06/2016 00:00:00 SQLData Tables: PRODUCTS_ITEMS extra Field PRI_BENPRICE money Views: vw_Stock updated to include PRI_BENPRICE FredBook: Item.vb - UpdatePrices method added to Item Class; re-factored class to improve speed by using table access rather than vw_Stock Invoice.vb - Added new class - refactoring part of FredBooks for improved speed Site Pages: book/stockitem.aspx - formatting for label size; Fields for Prices and methods for update of Prices
49503/06/2016 00:00:00SQLData: Tables:PRODUCTS_ITEMS- new Fields: PRI_LABELPRINTED (bit) default 0; PRI_LABELPRINTDATE datetime Views: vw_Stock amended to include these new fields Stored Procedures: new stock_ProductsTransaction FredBook: New Classes: Item.vb ItemTransaction.vb FredCore: Fred_SQL; LoadingError method made Public User.vb: new methods to return Username and UserFullName FredWeb: clsWebWidgets: added MakeBarcode GenCode128.lib Additional DLL to handle Barcode factoring Site Pages: book/stockitem.aspx: added panel to display Stock Label; menu items for viewing and printing the label; menu item, panel of values and facility to record Stock Item movement
49128/05/2016 00:00:00SQLData: Function:fnJobSlot - modified as part of bug fix 66 FredBRE: BRE.vb:Fixed bug 67 - incorrect data loaded to some of the Values of the Drop FredCRM: Activities.vb - improved use of Pr[erties for Activities for data handling abd speed of loading. Also fixed bug 68 Notes.vb - improved use of properties for speed and readability - also fixed bug 65 (systems may need httpRuntime targetFramework="4.5" maxRequestLength="100000" entry in Web Config Site Pages: clip/clipjob.aspx.vb - corrected faulty reference to ACC_PM from ACC_PM in SaveNewJob and UpdateJob as part of bug fix 66 crm/activities.aspx.vb - better handling of loading existing activities crm/notes.aspx.vb - tweaked to use improved notes object
49026/05/2016 00:00:00 SQLData: Tables:RULES_PARAMETERS - additional field [RUP_CODE] [nvarchar](max) NULL FredBRE: BRE.vb: Changes to BRE_RunRules to match redesigned rules process; CallDLLFunction modified to handle user coded rule parameters for Dates (e.g. set date of new activity 2 days before Parent activity) DateParameterCode to alter Date parameter according to user set code; bug fix in PopulateDropValues; bug fix in ProcessRuleCount Parameter.vb: refined to accommodate RUP_CODE field; Handling of Int and int_drop Parameters Rule.vb: bug fies to refer to RUD_ID correctly; Activate and DeActivate Methods; Actions as an Integer IEnumerable returning Function Pages: login.aspx - added extra pictures of Fred and code to cycle between them admin/admin.aspx - added btnRuleActivate and code to activate and de-activate a rule; code to manage Users and Usergroup parameters for Rule created Activity admin/rulesengin.aspx removed - no longer required clip/clipjob.aspx - added BRE functions to page permitting Rule tracking
48826/05/2016 00:00:00 Bug Fixes and BRE redesign SQLData Tables Created:USERS_GROUPS, USERS_GROUPS_MEMBERS. Added: ACT_USERGROUP field To ACTIVITIES To permit group scheduling. ACT_PARENT_ACT_ID To ACTIVITIES To permit linking To Parent Job/Activity ACT_ACC_CODE changed to ACCOUNT_CODE USERID field To PRODUCTS_TRANSACTION To permit user tracking Redrafted RULES, RULES_ACTIONS, RULES_DEFINITIONS, RULES_PARAMETERS Added RULES_CONDITIONS removed RULES_TRIGGERS Stored Procedures adminInsertUsers_Group, adminInsertUsers_Group_Member created. crminsertACTIVITIES, crmUpdateActivities updated to accommodate new fields and rationalise use of ACCOUNT_CODE field Revised Rule Procedures- new adminInsertRuleAction, adminInsertRuleCondition, adminInsertRuleDefinition. Removed adminInsertRule View: vw_Activities updated Function: fnActivityStatus made more efficient using call to Table rather than View FredCRM: Activities.vb - added new function ListBoxPopulate to handle calls for Job lists in Seach Control. Updated Add and Update to accommodate changes above FredCore: User.vb - added new functions:UserGroupAdd,UserGroupMemberAdd added Method to populate ActivityFor dropdown List clsBRE removed FredBRE: New DLL to hold Business Rules Engine functionality BRE - main class Action.vb - Actions class Parameter.vb - Parameter class for managing function and procedure call parameters Rule.vb - rule definitions and processing FredWeb: clsWebWidgets::ActivityParentDrop - added Job as Activity Type option to permit actions to be attached to Collections and Deliveries etc Site Pages book/process/goodsin.aspx - fixed issue with recording Product Transaction Type book/stockitem.aspx - fixed issue that prevented new stock incoming transaction showing crm/activities.aspx - added dropdown for UserGroups to enable scheduling for a group admin/admin.aspx - added section for creating and handling User Groups. Added new section (incomplete as of yet) for Business Rule Definitions. Modified behaviour to hide Option Tree once and item is selected user/grid.aspx - added section for filtering on Users and User Groups easily as well as shwing unassigned activitiesries
48710/05/2016 00:00:00SQLData: New view vw_StockMovement for all stages in Stock Item life cycle Site Pages book/stockitem.aspx - added Stock movement grid webmaster/useradd.aspx - added userlog grid at bottom of the page showing the last 50 logged actions for the selected user
48604/05/2016 00:00:00SQL Data: new field in SYSTEM_PARAMETERS - ISSUELEVEL Site Pages: fredmaster.aspx - btnIssue controlled by IssueLevel
48504/05/2016 00:00:00 SQL Data: Correction to vw_Stock new function fnProdInStock Site Pages New Icon for goodsin webmaster/useradd.aspx bug fixed
48403/05/2016 00:00:00SQL Data: New Stored Procedure crmInsertDonor Re-write of vw_Stock New SQL Function [fnLastProductTransaction] Update procedure stock_goodsin FredClip::clsClip::ProductsItemsReceive modified for additional parameters FredWeb::clsWebWidgets new Function CheckBoxListCheckedCount to return number of items checked in checkboxList SitePages: book/process/goodin.aspx further development for clip job goods in
48229/04/2016 00:00:00SQLData:Updated crmUpdatePeople_Donors to fix logging bug FredWeb::clsWebWidgets.ActivityParentDrop - added Projects to Parent Types FredCore::User - error trap in LogFredError; ThisOrg - added Company Name to FullAddress property FredCRM:Opportunities - new method (ListBoxPopulate) to populate search results for Opportunities; Projects - new method (ListBoxPopulate) to populate search results for Projects SitePages: New control- crm\SearchOrgPeople for use in activities.aspx,opportunities.aspx,projects.aspx,clipjob.aspx,goodsin.aspx New Control - clip\SearchProducts for use in clipjob.aspx, goodsin.aspx crm/activities.aspx, crm/opportunities.aspx, crm/projects.aspx, clip/clipjob.aspx modified to use the control master/fredmaster.master responds now to mas=min query string parameter to produce minimum header to pages; used for child pages crm/people.aspx responds to caller=clipjob parameter to preset Donor checkbox and make gift aid fields available when adding a new record; Used when calling new record from SearchOrgPeople control clip/clipjob.aspx shows gift aid status when donor selected for Collection
48127/04/2016 00:00:00FredClip:: New function (BuildJobsCheckListbox)to Populate Check Box List controls with Job Item Data FredCRM::Activities - added error traps on Property methods Site Pages: clip/clipjob.aspx - added fields for Donor ID and Gift Aid Data
48027/04/2016 00:00:00SQL Data: USER_OPTIONS - new column - USO_GRIDMAXSIZE (int) FredCore::User - added new property - GridMax Site Pages: admin/admin.aspx - option for setting max grid rows user/grid.aspx implement max grid rows to speed up screen building in larger data sets - not limit is set AFTER filtering so detailed filtering not affected
47926/04/2016 00:00:00SQL Data: PRODUCTS- new Field- PR_WEEEID(int); [bookinsertProduct] modified to handle new field; [bookupdateProduct] modified to handle new field FredBook::ProductAdd altered to handle additional Field; ProductUpdate altered to handle new field Site Pages: /book/prodserv.aspx altered to handle WEEE categories
47826/04/2016 00:00:00FredCore::Fred_SQL - error trap for incorrect string, poor SQL config etc. Fixed bug in StringToGuid. FredCRM::Activities - Fixed bug that stopped jobs with single Items from displaying correctly Site Pages: login.aspx: testing connection and Reporting back to Login.aspx the error if connection to SQL fails clip/clipjob.aspx: added field and code to permit edits to job immediately after saving it and preventing multiple saves of the same job
47719/04/2016 00:00:00SQL: -new View - vw_Groups -new entry in LISTS - for mygroups list definitions Pages: -changes to /user/grid.aspx for creation of groups
47612/04/2016 00:00:00Reduced Font size on builds.aspx grid PEOPLE_GROUPS table created PEOPLE_GROUPS_MEMBERS table created Groups Tab added to people.aspx to show only those groups the person is a member of SQL View vw_PeopleGroups added Stored Procedures: crmInsertGroup, crmInsertGroupMember added SQL Function:fnGroupMemberCount added FredCRM::People - added new functions :- PeopleGroupAdd, PeopleGroupExists, PeopleGroupMemberExists, PeopleGroupPersonAdd. Updated BuildDataGrid to take "groups" argument and return Group membership data for Person FredCore::FredSetup updated to load default data for group list view Pages: crm/people.aspx - added new tab to show Group memberships, new facility to add person to a group and to create a new group. Group viewing calls list of all group members in grid.aspx user/grid.aspx - added code to handle viewing of group members
47512/04/2016 00:00:00Issues with login.aspx fixed- error trap for missing mail settings; Send password functionality Improved error management in webmaster Removed issue logging from Global Menu (disabled rather than deleted)
47404/04/2016 00:00:00Added Build ID to Issues call and FRED_ISSUES table Added field for BuildID to issuemgt.aspx pages and code behind Update admininsertFredIssue sp to handle BuildID (integer) Update call to remote site in fredmaster.master to include currentbuild of calling site as &build=## parameter in querystring Added Try/catch section to user:OfficePanelBuild method to trap errors caused by incorrect DefaultOffice values in USERS table
47303/04/2016 00:00:00Update to vw_Fred_Issues to include additional fields and correct joins so that all tickets are viewed Add BuildID.vb .Net module to site to store current BuildID Add references to the Build No in admin.aspx, login.aspx and webmastermain.aspx Change label on Build list button in admin to [Notes on Available Builds]
47202/04/2016 00:00:00New webform builds.aspx for managing build history Removal of FredConst.DLL - Builds now handled in new table on public site (FRED_BUILDS). Access to this available in read only for anyone Insert and Update access controlled by Development team Updated admin.aspx, login.aspx, mlogin.aspx and webmastermain.aspx to reflect this
47102/04/2016 00:00:00Updated bookInsertProduct - bookupdateProduct to handle new fields. Updated FredBook:ProductAdd - FredBook:ProductUpdate to take additional parameters. Updated book/prodserv.aspx to handle new fields (PR_WEIGHT - PR_INSTOCK - PR_BACKORDER - PR_PROMISED) . Changes to Issue logging to provide web access on FredPlus Site for all users. Altered fredmaster.master to provide access to this for admin and above
47029/03/2016 00:00:00Added PR_WEIGHT to PRODUCTS table. New Functions (ProductsCategoriesDrop - ProductsListBox) in FredBooks. Add ADI_PR_ID to ACTIVITIES_DELIVERIES_ITEMS. Alter clsFredCLIP:DeliveryItemAdd. Changes to layout and functionality of clipjob.aspx to match Func Spec. Add Notes:NotesExist. Updated Activities:DeliveryAdd and Activities:JobAdd to handle ACD_SOURCETYPE
46924/03/2016 00:00:00 Enabled setting of DefaultOffice and MultiOffice in webmaster\useradd
46824/03/2016 00:00:00 USERS.DEFAULTOFFICE - USERS.MULTIOFFICE - SECURITY.COF_ID fields added to database. Modification of user class to manage Office ID and name. New Page - user\changeoffice.aspx called for users with USER.MULTIOFFICE=true to permit altering their current office. Valid only for the login session . Background Image added to login.aspx - notloggedin.htm and loggedout.htm
46717/03/2016 00:00:00 Search panel used in clipjob - opportunities - activities - projects - documents now Postcode aware. Clipjob flow and layout altered
46314/03/2016 00:00:00 Modifications to GridColumnsSelector control to add more information on list type and ownership. Alter admin.aspx to call lists.aspx from tree view rather than separate view
46211/03/2016 00:00:00 Layout and appearance of Grid altered. Pagesize option added to user options in admin.aspx. Creation of dedicated usercontrol(GridColumnSelector) which is sensitive to User level (User - Admin or Webmaster). Use of this control in relevant areas for Personal - Account and Global list definitions. Refactoring List building methods from User class to Grid class